This week brought to you by Sucky Suckerton

So here is the question: When things are going well do you chalk it up to hard work, or do you believe that some cosmic force has been aligned just for you and that one single false move will smack it righ back out of alignment? ‘Cause I gotta tell you people, even if I don’t believe in them, the gods are not too happy with me right now.
Yes, people, I have been having a streak of bad luck. Or we, as in my family and I , have been experiencing some inclement luckness.

1) My bike stolen. I already wrote about this, but I am reiterating it because it really sucks.

2) My old bike, the one I bought a replacement for in the first place, decided to crap out on me in a big way, five minutes before J and I were due to the AGM at the school.

3) Having to go to AGM’s at the school. Okay, I know I am not the only one who must endure this, and to say that this is part of bad luck is like saying having kids is part of bad luck (which is not what I mean. really.) but holy double duty crap people! Must we debate for two and a half hours the question of how to deliver the permission slips? Not to mention I had to drive there and pay for parking. F#$$@$@$%Y%@$$#!$!

4) J’s bike got stolen. Right out of our backyard. Now we are a bikeless couple with a trail-a- bike. Sucky F’in Suckerton.

5) This is the doozy, the emotional whammy, the kicker , the anvil that broke the camel’s back if you will. As I have mentioned before, my mother has just bought a triplex which we are to move into in a month. In the meantime, we have possession of the house and are fixing up her flat. So far so good. It is hard work but husband and sister seem to be dealing with it. NO the el crapola part is that the people who live in the ground floor apartment, the ones who are supposed to leave, have told us that they are in fact, not leaving. Oh, and they are not going to pay rent for this month either because nobody told them the house had been sold. They have signed a paper saying they are not renewing their lease so they can’t legally stay, but in the meantime they sure are causing us a lot of trouble. We have to go file a complaint at the Régie about the rent and try to get an emergency hearing to get them out on July 1rst. Because if they don’t move out, we have no place to stay. Whoohoo. Fun, fun, fun. Okay, we have a place to stay, but our stuff doesn’t and neither will our bevy of relatives who are coming in July. I could go on about this one for eternity but suffice it to say that people suck.

Add to that fatigue, and joylessness and soon the reasons for getting up in the morning are as scarce as Rockerfellers in a Kmart. So this post is my offering to you Oh luck gods. If I have offended thee in anyway, let me beg forgiveness. Or perhaps as my friend E says, I will just have to portage my spirit canoe through this rough patch.

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