They’re home!

On Tuesday evening, if you had been on our street, you would have seen a woman dressed in jeans jumping up and down and waving at a rental car as it tried to park. A second later, you would have seen that same woman literally wrapped around with children. My kids are home folks, and I am glad of it. Ten days is a long time in their short lives and there have been some changes. For instance the first night they were home, I played a game of chess with my daughter. Not the kind where they pretend they know what they are doing and make up the rules as they go along. No siree. She knew the rules and how to move her pieces and was giving me a run for my money. And then we played Scrabble, and she could actually find words! Not to mention they are both taller and the younger one is missing a tooth. The tooth fairy visited her at my sister’s place and raised the monetary standard so high I don’t think the Montreal tooth fairy will be able to live up to it. Yes, for her first tooth, my daughter received 20 bucks. 20 bucks! Holy jesus up in heaven. No piece of enamel is worth that much.

As well, my oldest daughter has sworn off sugar, saying that she is allergic to it. I smell the influence of my naturopath sister here, but am not complaining except for the fact that I crave sugar the way a a crack addict craves crack (okay, maybe not that much) yet feel that I must set a good example. And next week they begin school and they will be in grade 1 and three and my heart shatters a little bit everytime I think of it. Why is that? I want them to grow up. I like that they get their own breakfast and can brush their teeth on their own and I can have conversations with them. I don’t want to go back. Then, why does it hurt so much to see them growing up? Motherhood is truly a fucked up thing…

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