You know you’re an adult when…

1) You start craving green vegetables.

2) You like dark chocolate with dried fruit in it.

3) You know that amortization doesn’t mean a way of getting dead.

4)Like Bilbo Baggins, you constantly feel like butter scraped too thinly over bread (not a direct quote-too lazy to actually get one.)

5)You start having conversations with your friends about how you remember when your mother was the age you are now and how she had seemed so old to you then. The look of bewilderment overshadows everyone’s face for a moment as we all wonder how we got here in the first place.

6) The bags under your eyes are growing into little lakes and you find yourself wondering if preparation H really does take down the swelling. (Around the eyes, people, around the eyes…)

7) Staying thin is harder than paying the bills.

8) Time always seems to be missing.

9) Your brain starts to grow holes in it, due to the stress of having too much to remember.

10) Coffee is no longer for pleasure but a vital part of your diet, like vitamin D or protein.

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