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Burning down the house: Using Woolf’s Three Guineas as a template for a manifesto against gendered cyberviolence, part I

I attended a symposium about a month ago for stakeholders of a Status of Women grant to brainstorm strategies with which to “eliminate and prevent cyberviolence”. I know. Kind of a herculean task, don’t you think? Might as well ask, … Continue reading

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Self-Censorship Shmelf-shmensorship

One of the reasons personal posts have become few and far between is because my children are now of the age where they actually read this blog. I have become more circumspect about sharing anything that might embarrass them or … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

 I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be female, a topic I have deftly avoided until now. I guess having two teenage daughters will do that to a gal.  Why are they so hesitant to put … Continue reading

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3 Arguments to Give my Daughters in Favour of Feminism

It is Sunday morning at 8:45. The family is asleep and I am sweltering in my little writer’s corner (the Habitat my husband built for me) listening to CBC and drinking that all important first cup of coffee. For the … Continue reading

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Miss Representation: A round table discussion with our girls

On Thursday night, J and I took our girls (along with a couple of friends and their daughters) to a screening at McGill of the film Miss Representation, a documentary about how women are portrayed in the media. It was … Continue reading

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