We Were Liars is Literary Crème Brulée

Remember that RomCom with Julia Roberts where she plays a food critic? (That is honestly all I can remember of it…) Oh! But I have the power of the Google! Ok, the movie was called My Best Friend’s Wedding and thank you wiki quotes for providing the exact dialogue: Julianne: … Okay, you’re Michael, you’reContinue reading “We Were Liars is Literary Crème Brulée”

Why I think All Girls Should Read This Book

One of my favourite young adult writers is Libba Bray, and not only because she has the same initials as me, or because as my husband pointed out, if you squint your eyes her name resembles “library”.  She is not afraid to experiment with different genres- indeed her first trilogy was a wonderful 19th centuryContinue reading “Why I think All Girls Should Read This Book”

More YA Dystopian Novels

Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth I have been on a tad of a Dystopian novel kick lately. While reading this last addition to the increasing list of Dystopian YA books, I had an epiphany. No, perhaps that is too strong a word for the small glimmer of light that brightened my brain pan forContinue reading “More YA Dystopian Novels”

YA MUST-READ: A Fault in our Stars by John Green

 The Fault in our Stars by John Green Oh, John Green. What can I say? This time the Greenster, the Greenmeister the Greenonator , has penned a tome that deals with such heady topics as love in the midst of death. And when I say ” in the midst” I mean in the chomping downContinue reading “YA MUST-READ: A Fault in our Stars by John Green”

How I loved How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

I am in the middle of a massive Young Adult fiction marathon.  The selection process of our 2012 school community reads is in full swing and this time I am obsessed with pushing the best possible books to my committee. Not that I wasn’t before. It is just that the winners for the last coupleContinue reading “How I loved How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff”

Following my Daughter’s Example

So awhile ago, my daughter sent a letter to her favourite author and received a response. It was pretty much the highlight of last year for the whole family- in fact, I still get shivers when I think about it. This came up again during my summer reading program this year, where I inaugurated aContinue reading “Following my Daughter’s Example”