Book Review: All Good Children by Catherine Austen

Oh how I like me some interesting Dystopian fiction. I like it even more when said Dystopia is caused by chemical corporations. AndĀ  Catherine Austen gets double points for the portrayal of a teenage boy that well, feels like a teenage boy. But I get ahead of myself. Maxwell ConnorsĀ  lives in New Middletown withContinue reading “Book Review: All Good Children by Catherine Austen”

More YA Dystopian Novels

Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth I have been on a tad of a Dystopian novel kick lately. While reading this last addition to the increasing list of Dystopian YA books, I had an epiphany. No, perhaps that is too strong a word for the small glimmer of light that brightened my brain pan forContinue reading “More YA Dystopian Novels”