Miscellaneous Literary Goings-On

This last couple of months have been fraught with literary activities. Here is a recap, beginning in October and ending last weekend: SCBWI Conference This year the SCBWI Canada East conference took place in Montreal! Now, I love me a good writing conference, but the SCBWI have been far and away the most useful. ThisContinue reading “Miscellaneous Literary Goings-On”

Hi! I’m Back!

So you know when you have put something off for such a long time and it gets to be so long since you have done it that a task that wasn’t that big to begin with suddenly takes on epic proportions and becomes akin to scaling a mountain instead of taking a little trip toContinue reading “Hi! I’m Back!”

Grade Six Graduation: How it should be

For most of us living in secular North America, there are very few ceremonies that mean anything to us. If you are not religious you do not have a coming of age ritual. Weddings are fewer and far between and hopefully funerals are the same. So what do we have? We have the milestones setContinue reading “Grade Six Graduation: How it should be”

I Want my Children to be Inspired by these Women of 2012

Because I am inspired by these women. It occurred to me last night, while I was watching the wonderful two piece band UN and thinking how much I would have liked my daughters to have seen them, that the year 2012 was marked by some pretty extraordinary women role models. So here is a listContinue reading “I Want my Children to be Inspired by these Women of 2012”