Miscellaneous Literary Goings-On

This last couple of months have been fraught with literary activities. Here is a recap, beginning in October and ending last weekend: SCBWI Conference This year the SCBWI Canada East conference took place in Montreal! Now, I love me a good writing conference, but the SCBWI have been far and away the most useful. ThisContinue reading “Miscellaneous Literary Goings-On”

I kicked NaNoWriMO butt!!!!

Okay. I am ridiculously proud of myself for finishing this. Now I am the proud creator of a typo ridden, plot challenged, probably derivative (but who knows, I haven’t actually looked at it) first draft of a novel that will probably never see the light of day. It sounds negative, but I assure you IContinue reading “I kicked NaNoWriMO butt!!!!”

National Novel Writing Month

Because I had no time to kill, I decided that this would be the year when I commit myself fully to writing a novel in one month. Just because renovations, children and a full time job just didn’t seem challenging enough. (I am kidding, for those of you who do not always get me specialContinue reading “National Novel Writing Month”