To call in sick or not to call in sick?

It’s official. I have a major case of the February Fuck its. I called in sick today not because I was actually ill, but because I was sick and tired and could not face the world. I got the kids to school, came home and wandered aimlessly around all morning not knowing what to do with myself. I had all these grand plans for “catching up” with our lives. You know, actually sweep the floor, tackle the budding ecosystem in our bathroom. Instead, I opted to fold the laundry in front of daytime television which made me wish I was at work.
Because I only get two channels, I had the choice of watching cartoons on CBC or Regis and Kelly and their nauseating “beautiful baby” contest. Who the hell are these people anyway? There was one photo of a semi-finalist (I am not even kidding-people actually call in to vote on which baby they like the best, as if they were colour swatches or american idol contestants) who looked exactly like JonBenet Ramsey. Granted, the rest were just your average everyday cutsey pics that any parent can (and does) take of their kid. I know I should be appalled at the exploitation of our own children, how we are already setting them up to feel bad about themselves and all that jazz, but really, all I could think of was how deluded people were, thinking their kids were cuter than anybody else’s. Come on, people! Let us freebase some reality here. For the most part, kids are pretty cute. Sometimes, when they snuggle up to us and say “I love you mommy” while stroking your face they are even adorable. How about we leave it at that and let everyone keep their dignity? And what is up with this obsessive need for voting? Demoracy gone awry much?
But I digress. I quickly pushed in Roger & me by Michael Moore and watched the little people get kicked in the ass. That is when I decided that the tv needed to be shut off. Laundry finished, I made myself a HUGE lunch and sat down to read. And then I found it. My playing hooky groove. I finished lunch, took my book with me to bed and actually napped. I then took my book with me into the bathroom and had a bath. I feel better now, like I might even be able to face the world tomorrow…Maybe. We’ll see.

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