Black, for total failure as a parent

Colour coding, letter grades, number grades- it is all the same in the end, isn’t it? I mean whether you call it an F or 40% or colour code it Black for unsuccessful, it still means you fail, right? I hate school. I hate what it did to me as a kid and I hateContinue reading “Black, for total failure as a parent”

KO’d by 8:00 in the morning or How The Day Kicked My Ass

7:59 amA woman in her thirties pauses on the steps of the elementary school, her shoulders, slumped and her head drooping. It is only for a second, but if anyone was watching, they would recognise the posture of defeat. It was not yet 8:00 in the morning and already the day had won. 7:57 amTheContinue reading “KO’d by 8:00 in the morning or How The Day Kicked My Ass”

I #$%#$%@ meetings

Meetings. Have you ever noticed that school meetings are mostly hours of sitting there going through photocopied sheets of information? Can someone please enlighten me as to the necessity of this tortuous process? WHY? I ask you, WHY? Why can’t we just email our questions like civilised human beings and save ourselves from four hourContinue reading “I #$%#$%@ meetings”

First Day of School-Painless?

The kids started school a week ago and to my eternal shock and consternation it seems to have been quite painless. Perhaps this is because each school year so far has brought some fun surprises. Year #1- Kindergarten: My daughter started her school career not knowing anybody as we had just moved across the country,Continue reading “First Day of School-Painless?”