National Novel Writing Month

Because I had no time to kill, I decided that this would be the year when I commit myself fully to writing a novel in one month. Just because renovations, children and a full time job just didn’t seem challenging enough. (I am kidding, for those of you who do not always get me special sense of humour) I know I am probably shooting myself in the foot here, but I really want to do this. It is the second day and I am loving the freedom of just putting words on paper without looking back, without fixing the myriad typos, without caring if it is good or not. It is a very liberating process which will probably result in the shittiest first draft ever known to humanity, but hey, there you go- we all need to distinguis ourselves, even if it is in a dubious way. So, the postings on this blog will probably be few and far between this month, as I will be devoting myself to the voices in my head.

5 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month

  1. I am confused. (as usual.) I thought first drafts were supposed to be all typos and grammarily fucked and a general mess. Which is why I think all that older (18, 17, 16th century) stuff is so hard to read – no time for multiple revisions or editorial input, just cram some stuff on some very expensive paper and get it out there.I unfortunately don’t understand the whole vague community thing about everyone gathering together but not together to do something so ultimately solitary. However, I admire your dedication to the vague uncommunity community effort. This is probably why you have more friends than I do, as “joining” things gives me hives.

  2. Can your novel involve spies?And monkeys?Perhaps monkey spies that spy on secret evil doers?Fuck it. That’s my novel. Don’t be writing about my stuff.But do put in at least a monkey.

  3. Yes, french panic, I think you are right about first drafts. Unfortunately, I am way too anal to usually allow mistakes and way too linear to start a writing project without a plan. Which is why I suck as a writer. Right now I just need some outside constraint to get over my analness and just start pounding away at my laptop. And I just need to write. I don’t know if you have noticed, but the last few montsh have not been the best of of times for me- namely meaning I do not have the infratstrucutre in place to be able to write daily. Which means I haven’t been writing. And the longer I stay away from the blank page, the harder those blank pages are to fill unless I just start writing. The comunity effort is kind of fun though. I have two writing buddies and, just as you like to check your blog stats, I like to see what their word count is…And Pamplemousse, of course there will be spies and monkeys. Maybe even monkey spies. Every good novel has monkey spies voyons donc.

  4. just to be clear. I do not LIKE to check my blog stats. I am COMPELLED to check my blog stats because it is a sickness that I cannot recover from, and it is causing me all sorts of terrible griefs but I cannot stop.I recognize that I have a problem, but how to stop… I haven’t reached that stage yet.

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