On My Life With a Dog

My puppy turned a year old yesterday. Please indulge me while I take this one post to talk about my dog and how he has changed my life. Not dramatically. Not ideologically. I have not found religion or quit my job to dedicate my life to PETA (though I am fully in favour of theContinue reading “On My Life With a Dog”

On Writer’s week: Lessons Learned

I have been in several writer groups in my life. All of the members of these groups (with the exception of my current one—but give it time—these ladies can write!) have been published, some several times and by major publishing houses. Some were published authors before they joined the writers’ group, while some had theirContinue reading “On Writer’s week: Lessons Learned”

Anatomy of self-sabotage: How to be artist-adjacent but never the artist

When I was in high school, I stopped writing. I had the mistaken notion I had to be canon-worthy right from the get go, an Amadeus-like figure whose brain bloomed a garden of perfect sentences ready to be plucked and neatly arranged like a bouquet. So when I did go to write something down andContinue reading “Anatomy of self-sabotage: How to be artist-adjacent but never the artist”

Introverted Much? Random Thoughts on Reading Quiet

To say that I have dropped the ball with my blog would be understating the issue. I not only dropped the ball, I lost it down the drain and then decided the best way to retrieve it was to sit patiently by the grate for 3 months until a friendly rat (Snow White style) broughtContinue reading “Introverted Much? Random Thoughts on Reading Quiet”


As you probably have noticed, I have changed platforms. Though blogger served me well for a good five years, it was time for a change. There are many reasons for this. One, is that my mandate has changed somewhat now that my children actually read my blog. I am no longer able (or willing) withoutContinue reading “PSA: INPARENTTHESIS IS UNDERGOING RENOVATIONS…”

On having a daughter who just turned 13

I forgot to post last week. Well, I didn’t forget to post, I just didn’t. I wanted to write a pithy post perhaps peppered with wisdom about having an official teenager. (I will not apologize for my propensity for alliteration. I will not)  But I have nothing. No wisdom. No advice. Nothing to say. JustContinue reading “On having a daughter who just turned 13”