As you probably have noticed, I have changed platforms. Though blogger served me well for a good five years, it was time for a change.

RIP Blogger site. RIP.

There are many reasons for this. One, is that my mandate has changed somewhat now that my children actually read my blog. I am no longer able (or willing) without their permission to talk so candidly about their daily lives. This is as it should be. I want them to respect their privacy – I should probably do the same.  That doesn’t mean I won’t indulge in my many and varied rants about parenting in general. Oh no. I will keep those coming, don’t you worry. Or worry. Your choice…

In the last few years I have also been doing book reviews, which I feel deserve their separate section.  Now you can click on the handy Books tab in the main menu (which will get better as soon as I figure it out…) and see my reviews.

And also. I want to have more of a presence for my writing alter-ego- Lina Branter. I tried to google myself under that name the other day to get back to this blog and came up with one review of my story Capital Vices and a digital memorial for my dead father. Hmmm. Not the most effective digital footprint for someone who wants to promote their writing. So. Here I am. Trying harder and all that jazz.

Here is a screenshot of what happens when you google me:

Actually, it isn’t that bad. The first two hits are for writing…Still, it would be nice if this blog would appear.

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to fix the subscription part of blogger- people stopped getting my posts in their emails about a year ago and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. WordPress has a lovely subscription widget that works I think (I made J try). So if you want to get my posts in your email again, could you please sign up?

Okay. Public Service Announcement Finished. Stay tuned for a lovely site (as soon as I have time to fiddle with it.)


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