CAST: A Primer on Letting Go, Part 4

Image: By StooMathiesen – Flickr: Railway tracks 2 028, CC BY 2.0 The S in CAST stands for shift, as in shift perspective. I didn’t understand until this last year what it meant to focus on myself. I mean, I knew on the surface that I had to get my shit together, move away beforeContinue reading “CAST: A Primer on Letting Go, Part 4”

Anatomy of self-sabotage: How to be artist-adjacent but never the artist

When I was in high school, I stopped writing. I had the mistaken notion I had to be canon-worthy right from the get go, an Amadeus-like figure whose brain bloomed a garden of perfect sentences ready to be plucked and neatly arranged like a bouquet. So when I did go to write something down andContinue reading “Anatomy of self-sabotage: How to be artist-adjacent but never the artist”

Staycation Writer’s Retreat

A few weeks ago, I had a drink with a friend. She is my age, 46, two young kids and is in the middle of studying for her LSATs. She’s decided she’s going to law school, come hell or high water and fulfill a lifelong dream of hers. What triggered this sudden fire under herContinue reading “Staycation Writer’s Retreat”