September was not in books

We interrupt this regular programming due to the very scary and unprecedented fact that I did not finish any books in September. Nope. Nada. Not one.

Okay. I did finish an audio book. Does that count?

I attribute this appalling state of affairs to the insanity of the first month of school. Oh and J being away for the first and last half of the month. He was really only here for the creamy vanilla filling part of the month.

No excuses though. Excuses? Is it an excuse? I think it is. I have excuses. So sue me. My daughter started high school. My other daughter was forced to be way more responsible and independent as she no longer had her big sister to rely on to get to and from school by herself. I spend a lot of my time tethered to my cell phone, waiting for the call to tell me she has arrived at school or at home. I also spend a lot of time worrying about being a negligent parent. Worrying takes up a lot of brain space. It might be that I finished a book and didn’t even notice.

I actually vacuumed the ceiling. And cleaned my room. And finally cleaned the bathroom, which had so much of my hair on the floor it looked like it was growing a beard. That is why only an audio book has been completed. Audio books make housecleaning bearable.

The first and last month of school is… how can I describe it? It is like, instead of waking up in your bed, stretching a little, meandering to your kitchen for a cup of coffee, you hear the alarm and bolt upright leap into whatever clothes you can find and sprint out of the door, never to slow the pace until you are back in bed sixteen hours later. Or if we were in Star Wars land, we would be perpetually at warp speed.

Yeah. Like that. So no books. Hopefully October will be more fruitful.

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