Holiday To Do List

It’s official. Well, almost. After this morning I am officially on vacation. We have made no real plans for the holiday ( like I mean zero. Nada. Zilch.) and I am excessively happy about it. However, it is always best to attack anything, with a plan, an outline, a small cognitive map, shall we say. Relaxing is no exception. Besides, contemplating a whole two weeks of free days leaves me a little dizzy, like looking down from the roof of a really tall building, or contemplating the cosmos.

So. Here’s my Holiday to-do list.

  1. Sit there. A lot. 
  2. Sometimes even lie there. Awake. 
  3. Sometimes lie there asleep.
  4. Go for runs. I like to run. I really do. In fact, I should probably get going now on a run, but I am having to much fun writing this list. 
  5. Go for walks.
  6. After walk, go home and sit some more.
  7. Read books (see #1 & 2). Last year while visiting family I read a total of four pages during Christmas vacation. And to make matters worse, I chose the wrong holiday book – a novel about the experience of a child soldier in Africa. They weren’t exactly cheerful pages (good book though.) This year however, I got myself a whole stack of books from the library. The list includes a lot of YA novels, some Sherlock Holmes, a couple of classics and Room by Emma Donoghue (I read only the first couple of pages and almost peed my pants it was so good).
  8. Watch movies. Lost and lots of movies. I don’t really care what they are. I just want to sit there and knit. Which brings me to:
  9. Knitting! I’ve been knitting for a long time and I’ve never actually made anything for myself. But I lost my favourite tuque recently and I am determined to replace it. I’m gonna knit myself a hat!
  10. Last not but least, play with my children. Go skating, sledding, swimming. Play marathon games of Monopoly. Kick their asses at Dance Dance Revolution (’cause I’m awesome. And a little addicted.)

Of course, it took me longer than I though to write this post. So I am officially on vacation right now. And already I feel overwhelmed with everything to do – there are gifts still to buy. All the presents to be wrapped. The house to be cleaned. I promised I would take my daughter to the mall then skating. J is going to make Christmas Eve sushi (which is the same as everyday sushi except you eat in on Christmas eve and I better check to make sure we have enough food for tomorrow. And it’s already 7:53 in the morning! Aahhh.

I’m kidding. Well, not really. I still have to do all those things. But I don’t have to go to work, and that’s something.

To all of you who read this blog (all 3 of you) Happy Holidays and may the new year bring many just sitting there moments!

    8 thoughts on “Holiday To Do List

    1. Wish we were around to enjoy Christmas Eve sushi.

      We miss you a whole bunch and thanks for the cardboard Carrie and other random things.

      I really do miss that slightly drunken walk home through the snowy streets.

      Now it is rain.

      Merry christmas and such…



    2. So glad you will have some time to sit and lie there and read. We really missed you all last night, but you wouldn't have fit in the house. I hope you had (and continue to have) a great holiday!
      Much love,

    3. You've probably already discovered this by now, but Room will continue not to disappoint. Augh, so good!

      Merry Christmas, and I hope you're enjoying the break!

    4. Oh! I want to read that book so badly! I might have to break down and buy it. (I've been trying not to buy books or go to the library until I read more of the books I already own.) Probably a foolhardy notion for a bookaholic.

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