March is the cruellest month…

Until you hit April and it is still snowing. Which it will be, because nothing good happens anymore. Yesterday we received an extra 26 cm of snow. The short, choppy sentences I am writing should give you a notion about my feelings on the subject. I hate it. I hate everything. I hate snow. I didn’t get out of my pyjamas today. Oh, I went outside. I spent an hour in the grocery store in my pyjamas and duffle coat. Of course, nobody noticed because everyone was walking around with a glazed expression as if they were wondering what the hell they did to deserve this hell. I, on the other hand, dove head first into the delusion that I had already died and this was some cruel parody of my life. As if nature had an afterthought and wanted to soften the blow, it was actually a really nice, sunny day. Well, too little too late, nature! So, in addition to having to wade through snowdrifts, you had to do it with your eyes shut to avoid the blinding glare of the sun reflected on the fields of white. And that was just crossing the street.
I am not sure if it shows, but I am a little tired of winter…
I just gotta go monk…or porteage my spirit canoe…or find my happy place…. Damn. My monk died of hypothermia, my spirit river is under ice and my happy place is buried under mountains of snow.
I think I’ll go watch Harry Potter battle dragons.

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