My Hero

Lately I have been dealing with all the horrible bureaucracy that I have been putting off because, well, I hate bureaucracy. You know, applying for passports, figuring out the Hydro, talking to Insurance Salesman. This means that I have been spending a lot of time on the phone, talking to a bunch of overworked, harrassed dissatisfied human beings who all seemed to have left all compassion, consideration and competence at home with their half empty bowls of cereal.
This got me to thinking about a cashier named Eve, who worked at our local grocery store in Victoria. Now, she was about the most competent person I have ever met. Everytime we did our groceries, we would actually line up to see Eve, even if the other cashiers were available. Why? Because she remembered our names. She knew our family and asked about them. She would dispatch our groceries at warp speed, all the while talking in a lovely, if sometimes incomprehensible chinese accent. I haven’t lived there for almost four years, but everytime I go back, I visit Eve. Not only does she remember me, she gives me a big hug and then fusses over my children. Grocery shopping has never been so pleasant. This is why Eve is my official hero. Being a cashier might not be the most prestigious position, but in my mind she does what many other people who get paid a lot more do but better. She is a GREAT cashier, and in my mind, that is better than being a mediocre prime minister and most definitely better than being a bad neurosurgeon.
Not that I am expecting every hydro worker who answers the phone to know my name, but I would like at least a basic level of civility. I would also like to get an answer to my questions that isn’t a categoric NO. Can’t do anything for you. Sorry.
Basically, all I want from people are the three Cs: Compassion, consideration, competence. Is that too much too ask? Huh?
Nevermind. I don’t want to know….

2 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Did you know that if you ever get frustrated on hold with Bell, I understand that if you swear at Emily/Melanie – annoying automated voice thing – she will transfer you to a human? Could be handy. Although the humans are not really much better than Emily!

  2. I think you can also press ‘0’ to get a human being.But I say “Hear, Hear” to your sentiments. You should also take a copy of this blog entry to Eve the next time you are in Victoria. I’m sure she would like to hear that her efforts are appreciated.

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