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Consumer misdaventures

In some perverse twist of eastern philosophy, shopping only works when you are not actively seeking the object . We all know that if, for some horrible reason like someone crept into your place at night and stole all your … Continue reading

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Pigeonholing! Huh! What is it good for? Huh! Absolutely nothing.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this in previous posts, but I am the oldest of three sisters. When we were growing up, it became clear to us how our mother and the rest of the world perceived … Continue reading

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Quotes of the day

Confession. Okay, who am I kidding- this whole blog is about confessing. I am addicted to my google homepage. One of the handy features of the wonderful google home page is that I have a few quotes of the day … Continue reading

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This week brought to you by Sucky Suckerton

So here is the question: When things are going well do you chalk it up to hard work, or do you believe that some cosmic force has been aligned just for you and that one single false move will smack … Continue reading

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