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Nightmare on my scalp

So on Monday morning, when I was suppsoed to be working, my head got to itching. And not the usual, I got to scratch my head itch. It was more like something foreign is crawling in my hair itch. So, … Continue reading

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Ten Steps to Road Trip

Step 1. Fight off all incapacitating illness. Step 2. Do all laundry. Step 3. Make the kids pack their own things. Step 4. Pack own bag. Step 5. Verify kids packing. Add items forgotten, such as underwear and pyjamas. Take … Continue reading

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Art, Juno and a Total Eclipse of the Moon=mini vacation

What does one do when one is single? I ask myself this constantly. It seems that time must spread out like an ample serving of Skippy peanut butter over white bread for those who have no children. I am pretty … Continue reading

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