Midlife Crisis, Part 1: On Freedom and its MidLife Mythology

I have recently experienced my ex-spouse, my friends, the husbands of my friends, essentially many of the men I know who are in their forties (not all of them, of course, but too many to ignore), express a wistfulness, a nostalgia for a fictional freedom. The kind where you don’t have to let your partnerContinue reading “Midlife Crisis, Part 1: On Freedom and its MidLife Mythology”

A Hellish Year: An Introduction

I have been avoiding this blog for months now. Part of it is self-censorship. How can I possibly start talking about what happened without getting too personal or saying too much and hurting my children? (I can’t. Warning: this is going to get personal). Part of it is that the pain and anger and tidal waveContinue reading “A Hellish Year: An Introduction”