Our Week of Geek

Last week was a big week. So big, it took me a whole week to digest it. ¬†THURSDAYThursday night, after a day of work, an appointment at the dentist and a half-assed attempt at attending my favourite thing in the world, a parents-teacher meeting at my youngest daughter’s school (yes, you did detect some sarcasmContinue reading “Our Week of Geek”

Why you should never ignore your blog…

Once again, I have been participating in that favourite November pastime, Nanowrimo, and so have been a little lax in the posting to this blog. It took a call from CBC Daybreak Montreal to wake me up and make me take a minute out of busily writing a crappy first draft to write this. BecauseContinue reading “Why you should never ignore your blog…”

Buffy instead of Bella? Yes please

My daughters came back from their trip to Victoria asking to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After hesitating for a moment (knowing that the only thing that has scared them in the past has been movies with bad production values) I borrowed the first few discs from my library. After watching a couple of episodes,Continue reading “Buffy instead of Bella? Yes please”