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I Want my Children to be Inspired by these Women of 2012

Because I am inspired by these women. It occurred to me last night, while I was watching the wonderful two piece band UN and thinking how much I would have liked my daughters to have seen them, that the year … Continue reading

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Book review: Invisible World by Suzanne Weyn

It is rare that I give a completely negative review. However, it is also rare that I read a book as bad as this one. I think it deserves to be talked about as it illustrates many of the Do … Continue reading

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Book Review: This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel

I love Kenneth Oppel. Well, at least I love his books. His Airborn series was one of the best middle grade series I have ever read. The only reason why I did not read his bat seriesĀ  is because a … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Prep by Curtis Sittenfield

It is that time of year again, the time of year when I gravitate towards book that punch me in the gut. Either because the character is so palpable I feel like I know them intimately (A Complicated Kindness), or … Continue reading

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I Miss Beautiful Ideas: Thoughts on The Dispossessed

I miss beautiful ideas. More specifically, I miss reading a book where, interspersed with an intense and riveting story, are beautiful ideas. Ideas about how the world should work, about the human condition. Ideas to make the soul and brain … Continue reading

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