New Year’s Resolutions? Ummm…maybe. If I feel like it.

‘Cause that is how committed I feel to the whole process. Sure there are things I can improve. Contrary to popular belief, I am not perfect. (Just kidding-Geesh, you are so serious.) I could probably lose a few pounds, do a few more crosswords, be a little more ecologically friendly. I could probably make a resolution to read more serious books, maybe a solemn vow to pepper each fiction title with a serious work of non-fiction. Or at least start reading more serious fiction, instead of what I am reading now (don’t ask). I could be more fiscally responsible, or vow to play more games with my children.

I could. And maybe I will. But right now I just don’t want to think about it. As opposed to previous years, where all these things weighed on my conscience, I just can’t be bothered so much right now.

What’s a few pounds between friends, eh?

I am not sure where I am going with this post. Maybe that the point is I am getting older, and the magic and the novelty of that New Year, all fresh and crisp and smelling like a new car, just doesn’t do it for me anymore. It’s sort of like not believing in Santa Claus anymore I think. The possibilities of a whole fresh start, once so shiny, just seem kind of wearisome and tacky.

Maybe it’s because as I get older, the years pass by so fast I hardly have time to formulate a resolution before the 365 days are up and I am back at day 1, contemplating another year.

My mind is scattered with the mental to-do list- I am making resolutions everyday just to try and keep up with my own life. Although I am mildly surprised that 2010 is here and it has been a decade since that whole big millenium scare, I haven’t dwelled on it much. This is mostly because I am still trying to catch up to the last few years. I feel like I just made last year’s resolutions. I am just not psychologically ready to make new ones.

Maybe that’s the key. As we get older, stop making resolutions for each year, but make them by the decade! This decade seems to have run the same time span as a year it has gone by so fast, so why not treat it like that? Yeah. That’s it!

See, this is why I have this blog. To work this crap out.

Ok. So my decade resolutions are:

hmmm. Finish what I started?

Or as my daughter so pithily opined, “Mom, maybe our family new year’s resolution should be to get more organized.”

Sounds good. Let’s work on that.

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