The motorcycle boy reigns

Watched Rumblefish again last night for the first time since I was a teenager.

All I remembered from this movie was the brilliant colour of the fish and the orgy scene at the lakehouse. The latter I remembered mainly because my mother walked in right at that part and shut the movie off. And now I can’t remember if I ever finished it… Which is too bad, because it is a damn fine movie.
S.E. Hinton (by the way, awesome website) was one of the authors I read the most during that awkward period society kindly calls adolescence. Rumblefish, the Outsiders, That was then, This is now, all very good reads about boys you wish you knew. But the Motorcycle boy. That beautiful motorcycle boy…. I think I could have been that heroine addicted blonde that was like a moth to his flame. Yep. Good stuff….

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