Short Stories


  • Meeting in the Agora after Phaethon’s Fall-Sestina, Carte Blanche, Spring 2010, Issue 11
  • Won 2nd Prize for three poems under the name Lina Gordaneer, No Love Lost II, An International Anthology of Poetry, Hidden Book Press, 2001.
  • Two Poems, The Toronto Review of Contemporary Writing Abroad, Vol. 19, Issue 1, Fall 2000. (Published under the name Elinor Gagnon)
  • One poem, Zygote, Volume 6, Issue 4, Winter 1999/2000. (Published under the name Elinor Gagnon)


Published under Lina Branter

Zepeel Blog 

Published under Lina Gordaneer

  • Review of Sue Sinclair’s “Breaker”, Matrix Magazine, Fall 2009, Matrix 83.
  • Three separate pieces entitled Marginal Mom, McGill Student Parents Network and CLA Happenings, Marginal Librarian, Fall 2005, Vol.13.1
  • Co-wrote two articles with fellow Student to CLA recipients on our experience at the conference and on the keynote speaker, Feliciter, 2005, Vol.51 No.4
  • MLISSA speaker series: Children as Designers of Web Portal Architecture, Marginal Librarian, November 2004, Vol. 12.1
  • Ma Langue Maternelle- Le français, une bonne idée? Qui l’aura deviné?, Monday Magazine, March 20-26, 2003
  • How the Play Group Saved my Life,, November 2002.



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