Getting off the fence

Being a parent means that you have to get off that comfortable picket fence (the one with the white pickets impaling your ass) and choose a side. It starts as soon as you are pregnant.Doctor or midwife? Breast milk or formula? Cloth or disposable? Then, when they are babies and toddlers you have to decideContinue reading “Getting off the fence”

Free the children! Let them come home alone

We thought about it all last year. It is possible. I am sure they could do it. But a vague sense of fear and trepidation held us back. But what if…no matter that we couldn’t finish the sentence. It was still beyond the realm of possibility. The anxiety of parental backlash alone was enough toContinue reading “Free the children! Let them come home alone”

How long does it take to register your child in swimming lessons?

Well, if you live in Montreal and like to make things over the top stupid complicated, 3 hours. Yep. 3 hours. In a registration period that was only supposed to last 2 hours. But let’s start at the beginning shall we? Every year, all of Montreal’s public swimming pools shut down at the same time.Continue reading “How long does it take to register your child in swimming lessons?”

Ten Going on 20: experiencing the tween years

My head is spinning. No. More like a hive of bees have decided to take up residence inside my brain. Because, as you will know if you read this blog, I have got a 10 year old who seems to have grown up over night. Symptoms include: fashionable clothes, (actually, now that I think aboutContinue reading “Ten Going on 20: experiencing the tween years”