New Kid in School: A primer

Does the feeling ever go away? ‘Cause I find myself sitting in little desks in classrooms surrounded by a gaggle of my peers that I don’t know, all nervous and wondering how to start a conversation without seeming like a total loser. In fact, almost every year since I have moved to Montreal I haveContinue reading “New Kid in School: A primer”

Buffy instead of Bella? Yes please

My daughters came back from their trip to Victoria asking to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After hesitating for a moment (knowing that the only thing that has scared them in the past has been movies with bad production values) I borrowed the first few discs from my library. After watching a couple of episodes,Continue reading “Buffy instead of Bella? Yes please”

Following my Daughter’s Example

So awhile ago, my daughter sent a letter to her favourite author and received a response. It was pretty much the highlight of last year for the whole family- in fact, I still get shivers when I think about it. This came up again during my summer reading program this year, where I inaugurated aContinue reading “Following my Daughter’s Example”