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Lentapoolasa 2009

I have never done Lent. Not because of any aversion to weird and wonderful self deprivation rituals (okay, maybe a little aversion), but mostly because, well, I don’t know. I never felt like it, I guess. Isn’t that the reason … Continue reading

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You know you’re an adult when…

1) You start craving green vegetables. 2) You like dark chocolate with dried fruit in it. 3) You know that amortization doesn’t mean a way of getting dead. 4)Like Bilbo Baggins, you constantly feel like butter scraped too thinly over … Continue reading

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1 rule

I was at the Web2.You conference yesterday, a one day event hosted by the McGill SIS students. As the title suggests, it was about web2.0 and the uses it can have in the library community. But of course, like anything … Continue reading

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The mystery of what moves me

I recently forgot to bring a replacement book with me to work. I was almost done the book I was reading and knew that it wouldn’t last through lunch and the commute home and yet still my mind shut down … Continue reading

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