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Karma Drought

Okay. When did I sign away all my good karma? What the hell did I do that was sooo bad I deserved the plague of lice and pinworms that have infested my house? What is with all the bugs? Because … Continue reading

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Why its hard not to be a paranoid freak of a parent

Because of stories like this: Gun pulled on mom Via BlogherWow. Psycho policewoman gets drunk on power and then takes it out on another mother. If I said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: guns and cars. Bad … Continue reading

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Lurker? Me?

If you’ve ever had a gander at my Librarything page, you might be excused in thinking that I am a fourteen year old girl. For over a year now, I’ve pretty much read only books for young people. Now, liking … Continue reading

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A dab o’ separation

My nephew has been staying with us for a couple of weeks now, and is staying for a couple more. He is my youngest daughter’s age, and a little fireball of a kid. On most days, the girls and him … Continue reading

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Nightmare on my scalp

So on Monday morning, when I was suppsoed to be working, my head got to itching. And not the usual, I got to scratch my head itch. It was more like something foreign is crawling in my hair itch. So, … Continue reading

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