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It makes you ponder…

Valentine’s day. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late. But that is what happens when you get stuck in four and a half hours of school meetings the night before- suddenly you don’t feel like celebrating love. Quite the opposite in … Continue reading

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Rage. I have some. It bubbles like magma right below the surface and is ready to blow at any slight provocation, any change in the emotional climate. Today it was set off by a variety of irritations, inoccuous in themsleves, … Continue reading

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The Ecosystem that is your child

For all those who have not had children yet, or who are not at the daycare/ school stage, here are a couple of gems that nobody tells you about and which we conveniently forget about from our own childhood. Lice– … Continue reading

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Parental Advisory

I watched the movie Stardust with the kids the other day and was confronted with this Parental Advisory note at the beginning: Rated PG-13 for some fantasy violence and risque humor. Hmmm. Fantasy violence? Risque humor? After I stopped laughing … Continue reading

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Why you should never judge a book by its cover

« You disappoint me, » she said. « You disappoint me greatly. If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless. You might as well leap from this shelf right now and let … Continue reading

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