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Sick day and not the good kind

Captain’s log- February 29th, 2008 We are approaching the fifth month of winter and the crew is starting to show signs of weakness. Flus, colds and general feelings of depression have been circulating, leaving me with a skeleton crew on … Continue reading

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Ramming it down their throats

I question this approach. But before I begin, let us have some background. Here is a typical day for my oldest child. 6:45 am- wakes up. 7:00 am- Must be in the kitchen by this time, fully dressed, to make … Continue reading

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Today’s accomplishments

1. Made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies without once tasting the batter. Now this might not seem much for you fine folk out there who would never deign to taste the batter. Perhaps you are very responsible and are afraid of … Continue reading

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Video store classification

Okay. What the hell? I am a librarian , I classify for a living. I have used several different schemes including the Government’s obscure method. I tell people where to find things everyday. But, for the life of me, I … Continue reading

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Obssessive? Me?

It is always funny how other people’s perceptions of you contrast with your own sense of self. I had a conversation with a friend recently where this was well highlighted: Me-I could never be as in to something as a … Continue reading

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Art, Juno and a Total Eclipse of the Moon=mini vacation

What does one do when one is single? I ask myself this constantly. It seems that time must spread out like an ample serving of Skippy peanut butter over white bread for those who have no children. I am pretty … Continue reading

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A little nostalgia and just in time…

Look what some beautiful soul gave us for Valentine’s day… But enough of the mushy stuff already.Nomeansno. The sweet sound of my youth. Okay and my adulthood. Nothing makes me happier than listening to these two sounds. Except for maybe … Continue reading

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It makes you ponder…

Valentine’s day. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late. But that is what happens when you get stuck in four and a half hours of school meetings the night before- suddenly you don’t feel like celebrating love. Quite the opposite in … Continue reading

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Rage. I have some. It bubbles like magma right below the surface and is ready to blow at any slight provocation, any change in the emotional climate. Today it was set off by a variety of irritations, inoccuous in themsleves, … Continue reading

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The Ecosystem that is your child

For all those who have not had children yet, or who are not at the daycare/ school stage, here are a couple of gems that nobody tells you about and which we conveniently forget about from our own childhood. Lice– … Continue reading

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