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Pot Belly Etiquette

Consider this a public service announcement. Never, I mean never, unless the woman has a t-shirt with an arrow pointing downward and the word GESTATING emblazoned boldly on the front, never ask a woman if she is pregnant if you … Continue reading

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The wisdom of age

My mother recently made the momentous (and in her case split second) decision to retire, move across the country to live in the city we are living in, and buy a building that is big enough for all of us. … Continue reading

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Shameless self quotation

In one of the rare bursts of unintentional witticism, I recently overheard myself saying to some friends on the subject of the division of labour between a family with two children: I administer the suppositories, he uncorks the wine. Now … Continue reading

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Why I don’t live there anymore

I went for a lightning visit to my hometown (in that it is the town that I have spent the most time in my life in, not the town that I was born in, or the town that I lived … Continue reading

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